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Tasty Offerings

Fleur de Sel

A melt in your mouth delight of our classic creamy caramels with a mature depth of flavor and a sprinkling of imported rich Fleur de Sel. Not your ordinary caramel.

Mocha Chocolate

Rich and chewy chocolate and coffee caramels with a light dusting of sea salt and a depth of flavour that will keep you coming back for more. That's right. You won't stop at one! 

Bourbon Sea Salt

If you love the taste of bourbon, these are for you!  It's our classic soft (but not too soft) melt in your mouth caramel, mildly flavoured with fine bourbon. For the cultured palette.

Granny Smith Apple Pie

You'll get a fresh bite of tart apple pie with these mouth-watering, smooth as silk caramels.

Grand Marnier

These caramels have a delightful sweet flavour to please any palette! They are made with our own natural, home made orange extract and a big splash of Grand Marnier!


Made with Care

Our candy makers start work before the sun rises each day to ensure that every batch is as fresh as possible before it gets to you. From cooking, to wrapping, to delivery, we take special care so you only get the finest products.

Handcrafted & Earth Friendly

Our caramels are hand made, hand inspected, and hand wrapped in natural, biodegradable cellophane. 

Only Natural Ingredients

We work with only the freshest and most authentic ingredients. Our salted caramels are made with loads of fresh butter and heavy cream for a melt in your mouth, creamy texture. Bet you can't eat just one! 

What our customers are saying.

Delicious, delicious, delicious!

Love these caramels! Seriously the best I've ever had. The Fleur de Sel and Mocha Chocolate are my faves.  I really like the fact that the wrappers are biodegradable.

Debbie H.

Perfect gift

I bought small bags as thank you gifts for my daughter's baby shower. Guests actually called me afterwards to comment on how good they were!  

Michelle M.

Beautiful little gift bags

The little pink and brown cellophane bags are adorable. Lovely little gifts. I tried the salted caramels and the apple pie flavours. Omg, the apple pie actually tastes like a tart apple pie! 

Charlene T.

Love these caramels!

I've tried them all and they are all delicious! They arrived in excellent condition and were fresh and amazing! Absolutely worth the price.

Caro L.

Great caramels

These are great caramels, plain and simply the best. I couldn't stop eating them. Great job Creamy Caramel Co. 

Pierre G.

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Corporate , Party or Large Quanity Orders

We prepare celebration platters of caramels for special events, corporate gatherings, parties or other festive occasions. 

For special orders, please email us using the contact form below.   

We will work with you to customize platters to compliment your needs!

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